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7 Game-Changing Products for Motorcycle Riders

Since learning how to ride a motorcycle it’d be fair to say that I’ve spend a few quid (and the rest!) on protective clothing and bike accessories and I’ve definitely experienced both the bad and the good. However during my search I occasionally stumbled upon a product that was so brilliant and ingenious that I immediately wanted to tell all of my friends and readers how great they are, so today I want to walk you through some of my favourites. Let's go!

1. NOT A BOY L.A Stay Seen High Vis Bandana - $30

Kicking off this list we have the 'Stay Seen High Vis Bandana' from NOT A BOY L.A. This heavy duty, reflective bandana is designed to be worn at night and helps to make you more visible to other road users, and who doesn’t love a product that puts safety first but doesn’t compromise on style?

According to their website; ‘this dichroic, rainbow reflective material is durable, moisture-resistant, stretch polyester that will last. Measuring from 21-22 square inches, it is long enough to wrap around your neck, arm, or leg for extra visibility.’

I can’t say that I’ve seen anything else like this on the market before and not only does this look awesome and do a fantastic job of making you more noticeable on the road, but when you purchase one of these you’re also supporting a small female-run business. Win-win!

NOT A BOY LA also offers an amazing range of other reflective products including shoe laces and t-shirts, so I highly recommend you go check them out!


2. DMD GHOST Goggles - £79

I know goggles maybe aren’t for everyone but if (like me) you suffer with sensitive, watery eyes these bad boys might just change your life. Even when wearing a full face helmet with my visor down I always seem to struggle with my eyes watering every time I go out for a ride. As a new rider this actually made me feel quite nervous as I was becoming increasingly concerned that I’d get distracted or wouldn’t be able to see where I was going and end up causing an accident as a result.

I chose the DMD GHOST goggles as I love the styling but they’re also small enough to fit within the opening of my helmet (some others I tried were way too big). The first time I went out with these on it truly changed the game for me. The goggles are so incredibly comfortable and they form a perfect seal around my eyes so nothing can get in. Watery eyes, GONE! Seriously I can’t praise these enough, and when it gets to hay fever season I can imagine these being a massive help. I’m most definitely a goggle convert now!

Not only did these solve my watery eye issue but I really enjoy the feel of riding around without my visor down, plus there’s no more visor fogging when I’m sat at the lights or in cold weather so they tick a lot of boxes for me. I’d recommend teaming these up with a neck tube or something that covers the lower portion of your face just to be safe (and to keep you warm).

DMD are based in Italy however they’re stocked by plenty of retailers so I’m sure you can get hold of these just about anywhere. I purchased mine from Urban Rider as they’re based in the UK.

Instagram: @dmdhelmet

3. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount – From £62.90

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past couple of years you probably already know about Quad Lock motorcycle mounts. If you don’t, this would be my number one recommendation if you’re looking for something to mount your phone to your motorcycle.

This is by far the most stable and secure phone mount that I’ve found. Quad Lock provide a plethora of options designed to fit any type of bike, plus they offer a bunch of accessories like waterproof screen protectors, vibration dampeners and even charging options. The Quad Lock system works by having a mount fixed to your bike (wherever is most suitable for you, this will likely depend on the type of bike you have) and then you have a phone case with the locking system on the back which allows you to easily twist and secure your phone into place.

Once your phone is locked onto the mount it really isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been using mine for many months now (the roads here are awful) and I’ve never been concerned about my phone falling off the bike. The other major benefit of this system is that there are no fiddly parts or elastic bands (which are used by many other phone mount systems) so you can easily remove your phone quickly from the mount even whilst wearing gloves. Plus this was so simple to install I managed to do it myself in less than five minutes!

Instagram: @quadlockmoto

4. MotoGirl Ribbed Knee Leggings - £149

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without one of my favourite products of all time, my MotoGirl leggings. I’ve already talked about these in my ‘Shopping for Women’s Motorcycle Gear’ post so I’d recommend giving that a read if you’d like to know more but to summarise these are CE certified, AA rated stretchy leggings that are made from a heavy duty, abrasion resistant material.

I can’t imagine anyone not loving these, they’re super comfortable and they look just like a regular pair of jeans. The high waist in a wonderful feature, as well as the hip and knee protectors (included) and pockets front and back. MotoGirl offer (by FAR) the most size inclusive range of motorcycle clothing for women that I‘ve found, so go check them out!

Instagram: @motogirluk

5. Halfords Advanced Lithium Jump Starter - £85

This one might sound a bit bland in comparison to the above, but hear me out! This little bit of kit is small enough to be stored in your bag or panniers and if you’re ever in the situation where your bike won’t start this just might save you having to call someone out to come and rescue you.

This thing weighs less than 500 grams and can jump start up to a 3 litre engine (so it’s great if you have a car too!) It has a USB port so you can charge a phone or tablet and features an LED torch which is ideal for emergencies.

Trust me, if you ever see someone stranded by the side of the road that needs need a jump start and you pull over and get this thing out they’ll be super impressed and probably incredibly grateful. It’s definitely worth the investment in the long run, now I don’t travel anywhere without it!

Instagram: @halfords_uk

6. 250 London Neck Tubes – From £11

Since starting my moto journey I’ve probably purchased more neck tubes than any other accessory and I’ve tried a lot of different brands. However I can confirm that (in my humble opinion) these are the best out there.

They are double layered (so extra warm) and made from super silky, four way stretch spandex (so extra snuggly!) and the range of patterns and designs they have on offer are awesome. The quality of these is way better than any of the others that I’ve tried so far and honestly I can’t see myself ever going back now.

250 London may be aimed at dirt-bike and motocross riders, but there’s no reason to miss out on these as they’re great for everyday road use. Sign up to their newsletter and you’ll get 20% off your first order!

Instagram: @250london

7. Hightail Bike Hair Protector - €45

Helmet hair, no more!

Now I should probably start by saying that I don’t actually own one of these as my hair really isn’t long enough to use it, however I knew I had to include it on this list because I think it’s an ingenious little invention and so many women would find it useful.

The Hightail bike hair protector consists of a small spandex pocket that you can attach to the back of your helmet which you place your hair inside to keep it tangle free and shielded from the elements whilst you’re riding. Its super simple to install and the unique design makes it easy to remove and switch between helmets. According to their website, the flexible frame should fit most brands and styles of motorcycle helmet (woop-woop!)

Judging by the reviews this is definitely a game-changer if you have longer hair and it’s clear that Jen (co-founder) has put a lot of time and effort into creating a product to fix an issue that no one else had ever thought of before (you rock, Jen!)

Hightail ship to the USA, CAN, AUS/NZ and Europe, so go check them out!

Instagram: @hightailhair

That just about wraps it up for today ladies!

As always, any questions comments or suggestions I would love to hear so please leave a comment below. Keep safe and happy riding!

Jennie x

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