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Mastering Mod 1: A Comprehensive Guide to the Motorcycle Test

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

After successfully completing your compulsory basic training and acing the motorcycle theory test, you're now just two tests away from earning your full motorcycle licence. The first of these tests is Module 1, or Mod 1 for short. In this examination, you'll find yourself in a controlled environment, a spacious, cordoned-off tarmac course away from public roads. Your task? To execute eleven different maneuvers consecutively.

Your examiner will be with you every step of the way, providing clear instructions and even using diagrams on a clipboard to help you understand the tasks. The Mod 1 test typically takes around twenty minutes to complete, and the key to success is flawlessly executing all the maneuvers, avoiding major faults, and keeping minor faults to no more than five.

So, what are major and minor faults?

Major faults are critical riding errors that, if committed even once during the test, will result in a fail. These faults pose a significant risk to you and others on the road. Major faults include:

  1. Missing Observations

  2. Placing a Foot Down

  3. Hitting Course Cones

  4. Failing a Manoeuvre

  5. Not Reaching Mandatory Speed

  6. Uncontrolled/Dangerous Skid

  7. Failing to Stop in the Correct Place

  8. Taking Too Long to Stop

Minor faults are less severe but can still impact your performance. They include:

  1. Missed Gear Changes

  2. Skidding and Stalling

  3. Slow Emergency Stopping

  4. Slow Avoidance Exercise

  5. Some Missed Observations

If you suspect you've made a mistake, major or minor, keep your composure and continue unless the examiner instructs you otherwise. Sometimes, what you perceive as a major fault may only be a minor one according to the examiner. So, stay focused, take a deep breath, and prepare for the next task. You've got this!

Before diving into the Mod 1 maneuvers, a crucial piece of advice: don't forget your documents on test day. Your driving licence, original CBT, and theory test certificates are essential. Forgetting them means you'll need to reschedule your test.

Now, let's explore the eleven maneuvers:

  1. Manual Handling: Move the motorcycle between two marked boxes without dropping it, all while maintaining proper observations.

  2. The Slalom: Navigate through five cones placed 4.5 meters apart, maintaining a steady pace without hitting cones or putting your feet down.

  3. Figure of Eight: Perform a figure of eight around two cones placed 6 meters apart. Make use of the available space.

  4. Slow Ride: Ride slowly to demonstrate your control and slow-riding skills. Stick to first gear and use the rear brake.

  5. U-Turn: Execute a 180° turn within a marked area without crossing white lines or putting your feet down. Observations are crucial here.

  6. Cornering: Ride through a series of cones simulating a corner or bend in the road. Aim for around 19/20 mph.

  7. Controlled Stop: Stop with your front wheel within a designated box of cones, as if at a traffic light or crosswalk.

  8. 30 kph/19 mph Circuit Ride: Maintain a constant speed of 19 mph while navigating the course.

  9. 50 kph/32 mph Emergency Stop: Reach a minimum speed of 32 mph, then perform an emergency stop when signaled.

  10. 30 kph/19 mph Circuit Ride: Repeat the 19 mph circuit ride.

  11. 50 kph/32 mph Hazard Avoidance: Maintain a minimum speed of 32 mph, swerve around cones offset to one side, and come to a controlled stop within a designated area.

Once you complete these maneuvers, the examiner will instruct you to leave the test circuit and park. You'll receive your results immediately, and if you pass, your Module 1 certificate will be prepared for you.

If you don't succeed, don't be too hard on yourself. Many consider Module 1 the most challenging part of obtaining a full motorcycle licence. Practice the areas where you fell short, and schedule a retest.

Consider watching some YouTube videos (linked below) for additional guidance and invest in a set of plastic cones for practicing the maneuvers. Stay tuned for the next post, which will cover the Module 2 test. Good luck with your Mod 1 test - you've got this!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please share them below. Stay safe and enjoy your riding!

Jennie x

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