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Winter Riding Essentials: Staying Warm and Dry on Your Motorcycle

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

As winter approaches, motorcyclists in the UK and beyond may find themselves facing the challenge of riding in colder, wetter weather. While the idea of winter riding might not initially sound appealing, there are numerous ways to ensure you stay warm and dry on your motorcycle throughout the season. In this article, I'll share some of my favourite products, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy riding all winter long!

Protecting Your Head

Let's start from the top: your head. A full-face helmet is a must during the colder months. It not only keeps your head warm but also shields you from rain and wind. Winter riding often leads to visor fogging, which can be frustrating. To combat this issue, consider investing in a Pinlock visor insert. This moisture-absorbing insert creates an airtight chamber that prevents fogging, making your ride safer and more comfortable. Additionally, apply Rain-X to the outside of your visor to repel rain and maintain clear visibility in wet conditions.

Caring for Your Neck

Don't forget about your neck; it's susceptible to the chill of the wind. Switch to thicker fleece neck warmers during winter to keep warm. MotoGirl Neck Warmers, for example, provide the softness and warmth you need for a comfortable ride.

Dressing Your Body

To stay warm while riding in winter, invest in thermal base layers. These can be found at outdoor and motorcycle clothing stores, as well as high street clothing retailers. Consider watching FortNine's video on this topic for more detailed guidance. Your outer jacket and trousers should be suitable for winter riding, ideally waterproof. If your current gear isn't waterproof, you can purchase affordable waterproof outer layers from motorcycle gear and outdoor supply stores. Layering is essential for warmth, so wear a thermal base layer, a mid-layer (like t-shirts or leggings), and an outer layer for the best insulation.

Protecting Your Hands

Cold and wet weather can quickly make your hands freeze, even inside motorcycle gloves. Invest in a pair of thick, waterproof winter gloves lined with materials like Thinsulate for extra warmth. If you commute during winter, consider heated gloves or grips for added comfort, but keep in mind that these options come at a higher cost. Heated grips are a permanent solution but may require assistance to install.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider hand guards or muffs, which effectively shield your hands from the cold.

Ensuring Warm Feet

Keeping your feet warm is crucial for a comfortable ride. Waterproof boots with long thermal socks should do the trick. Layering socks can provide extra warmth if there's room in your boots. Remember that cold feet can become a safety hazard, so always prioritize warmth. Carry extra socks in case yours get wet during your ride.

Finally, when riding in winter, prioritize safety. Avoid riding in freezing temperatures, ice, or snow unless it's absolutely necessary. Your safety should always be your top concern.

Stay safe and enjoy your winter riding!

Jennie x

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2 komentáře

20. 9. 2021

Very informative, I didn't know you could get heated insoles that’s mad! I’ll definitely have to invest in a pair of those this winter season. Thanks for another great blog 😀

To se mi líbí

Thank you for the tips. Another good one is pantyhose under your clothes, it greatly reduces wind and chill factor. Happy Riding! -Gogo

To se mi líbí

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